THE ROYAL GROUP successfully caters to the security needs of large industrial houses
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The Security staff of Royal Security Force will strictly observe the following:-
1. Be smartly turned out and vigilant.
2. Be punctual and arrive 15 minutes before the start of the shift / duties
3. Take charge of the Post properly and thoroughly.
4. Perform duties with honesty and sincerity.
5. Read and understand SITE AND POST INSTRUCTIONS for strict compliance.
6. Extend respect to all Managers and staff of the Unit.
7. Do not speak ill or listen to gossip against Client or Company.
8. Drinking while on duty or coming drunk to duty is strictly not permitted.
9. Gossip of chit-chatting while on duty is not acceptable.

1. The Supervisor shall monitor and oversee all the below mentioned duties of guards and ensure they carry out their duties diligently.
2. He shall ensure compliance of all instructions given by the management from time to time.
3. He shall be in charge of the following registers:
• Incoming / Outgoing materials register
• Visitors Register
• Key Control Register
• Log Book in which all events of a particular shift are recorded.
4. He shall not allow any unauthorized person (as deemed by the Client) to enter the premises.
5. To give a duty feedback for the previous day to the contact person every morning at 9.00 a.m. or as desired by the contact person by forwarding the security logbook for his perusal.
6. He shall ensure that the guards are dressed properly and that they remain polite and courteous to all.
7. The Security Personnel shall maintain clients high standards while on duty and shall not act in any manner prejudicial to the prestige of the client.
8. He will make note of any electronic item being carried in by the visitor (unless the same is permitted, in which case he will retain the item and give a receipt)
9. He will politely check from returning visitors whether they're carrying any additional items which they had carried with them while proceeding in.
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